Monday, April 16, 2012


It's been about a week now. And Johnny just won't stop rolling.

I put him down, and turn to walk out of the room, and he's already flopped over on his tummy whining.

With Tommy we waited and waited and watched for this milestone. We cheered him on and encouraged him. We did a happy dance (and a blog post) as soon as he did it.

Sometime last week I set John down and went downstairs to answer the door. Josh was putting away laundry in the boys' room. I came back upstairs to find John on his tummy.

"Babe? Did you roll John over?" I called out to Josh from the top of the stairs.
"nope. I'm in here." he answered
"I think he's finally rolling for real now."

I'd been watching him thinking he must be close for a couple of weeks, but given his rare opportunities to simply lay on the floor I figured we'd be waiting for a while.

We had a tiny "baby is a genius!" party, and Tommy got down on the floor to join in the roll-fest. My two (littlest) boys rolled around on the floor for nearly 7 minutes, completely entertained. Meanwhile I got dinner ready and listened to the giggles without looking.

Listen, we love John. But baby #2 is a whole different game from Baby #1.


  1. That is awesome. I can imagine that with baby #2 things are way different. They already are for me and I am still preggers:) Way to go John!

  2. And when he starts to crawl, it'll be so fun for Tommy. :D Congratulations baby John!

  3. Isn't that the truth!! Can't believe he is old enough to roll already, though! Crazy!


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