Thursday, April 12, 2012

On My 27th Birthday

On my 27th Birthday....

  • I got roughly 9,000 birthday wishes from facebook people (hi facebook people! i love you too!)\
  • I got an e-mail from MapMyRun reminding me that it had been more than 5 days since my last run. (joke's on you - it's actually been 9 days since my last run. ha!)
  • I got a special blog post dedicated to me by an old roommate.
  • I was wished a "Happy Russian Cosmonaut Day" by my little brother who wanted to know if I knew I was born on such an important day. And then I googled Russian Cosmonaut Day. The beginning of the Space Race with the first man in space and the only holiday they don't have an e-card for.
  • I ate frosted mini wheats and kiwi for breakfast.
  • A friend made me a special fancy-pants sugar-free strawberry goodness cake. Because she loves me. Who knew? 
  • My daddy sent me an e-mail filled with things he loves about me which I read at least 4 times and cried every time. A snippet: "She can burrrp remarkably." I don't think any girl has ever had a better daddy. 
  • Josh spoiled me with diamonds. For real. Earrings and necklace which are simply BEAUTIFUL. Wearing a diamond necklace with flip flops and t-shirts is totally cool, right?
  • I taught Tommy to say "happy birthday mommy! you're SOOO beauuuuutiful!"
  • I changed 3 pee-soaked outfits - none of which were mine. (Yay me!)
  • I entered Walmart in sunglasses, a t-shirt and flipflops. I apparently stayed in there long enough to have missed ALL of Spring and Summer because it was rain/snow/hail/sleeting when I came out. So Tommy, John and I played in the rain for a bit. We're soaked and significantly less attractive than we were this morning....ooops.
  • I ate crescent chicken pillows and Morrocan sweet potatoes for dinner.
  • I tried desperately to live my dream day, doing nothing but motherly duties. Cooking, cleaning, playing, and running errands. Going for a jog by myself, but not sacrificing sleep to do it. It was lovely until I missed 14 phone calls for work and still have all of that to do tonight....
I guess the short version of it is this: I have a good life. And I'm glad I got another year of it.

Now I'm off to finish my birthday dream day. Dishes with Josh, a long hot bubble bath, and crawling into a bed with fresh clean sheets long before midnight.


  1. Happy birthday, Amy! You're the BEST! Since 27 is the best number there is, it must mean that your 27th year is going to be awesome! Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am glad that you had a great day!

  3. Oh man, you make me laugh. Happy birthday!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day, happy Birthday my friend!

  5. You are too cute! Happy Birthday! Love you!!!

  6. Didn't know it was your birthday, so this is a little late....Happy Birthday!


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