Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rolly-polly Thomas

Last night I went running even thought I didn't want to.

I got out from under the snuggly blanket on the couch and put on my much less snuggly running clothes.

I loaded my iPod with the last of the book I'm listening to (Skybreaker - I highly recommend it, but it's the 2nd in the series so read Airborn first.)

And I braved the frozen tundra that was my neighborhood to head for the gym.

It was a great run, my 5k finished well within 30 minutes. The story's end was just getting better and better. Life was great and I was glad I had gone.

I came home and heard the tv on and the child SCREAMING bloody murder from the bathroom. I ran up the stairs to see if I could help Josh with the "getting out of the bathtub" trauma that Thomas just can't seem to get over and as soon as I set foot in the bathroom doorway the 5 year old version of my husband grabbed my diaper-clad babe turned around with a grin that puts the Cheshire Cat to shame and started jumping up and down and saying "guess what! guess what! guess what!"

Of course I responded "What! what! what!" (is there any other response for that?) and then he put on his Thomas Voice

Thomas Voice: "Guess what I did for daddy mommy?"
Me: "What babe?" I said looking Thomas straight in the eye because it's rude to not make eye contact when you're talking to someone.
TV: "You have to guess."
Me: "You....screamed your head off during your bath."
TV: "Nooooope."
Me: "OK Just tell me then."
TV: "I wolled I wolled I wolled!" Thomas has a hard time saying his "r's".
Me: "What?!?!?! Without me?!?!?!?!"
Josh: "Yep! Just for me" Josh gloats.

That's what I get for running when I really don't want to. I spend at least 23 hours a day with this kid, and he goes around rolling over as soon as I set foot out of the house. Rude.

On the enormously fantastic side: My baby rolled over! All by himself! Weird how proud I am. We hugged and kissed and danced and talked about how smart his is and talked about how much I love him and how happy I am for him because this is a big. deal.

The dancing, celebrating and shouting was a really great "winding down" activity for bedtime. Maybe that's why he thought he'd wake up for the day at 3am....hmmmmm


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