Saturday, April 21, 2012

The One Where Johnny Holds A Bottle

I had forgotten that there comes a point in The Baby's life when they feed themselves. 

I suddenly love mealtimes. I strap Tommy in a chair with a buncha food. I mix a bottle and throw John Boy on a blanket on the floor and I magically have enough time to do the dishes! Or fix my lunch! Or pee in peace!!!

Oh sweet freedom.


  1. He looks so much like his big brother. LOVE IT! I'm so jealous, my son NEVER held his bottle, NEVER. I think that's because he had eczema and would scratch so I would pin his arms down when I fed him, I think he thought that meant he wasn't allowed to hold his bottle.

    What adorable boys!

  2. Is it just me, or does John look like a freaking GIANT in the second picture. Stop, Johnny, stop! You're getting too big! (But hooray for bottle-holding)

  3. I love the small peaceful moments from monumental occasion such as a baby holding his own bottle. I do have to admit that the ones that I enjoyed the most were peeing in peace.... The joys of motherhood and the things we never think that we'll enjoy.


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