Sunday, April 22, 2012

Date of the Month Club: April

For our April date, we went to Mulligan's.

Batting cages + mini golf = a reminder of my serious lack of coordination.

But it was WAY fun! I made Josh go first in the batting cages because neither of us have ever done it and I'm more prone to embarrassment after doing something stupid.

His machine was a little messed up, so he spent plenty of time standing around waiting for the yellow balls to come FLYING at his face.

While I took a picture of my shoes.

He told me no less than 10 times just to put the coin in and step up to the plate, but I was convinced the machine was going to kill me.

Lucky man isn't he? Ba ha ha ha!

Next up we went mini golfing. But Josh (apparently) still wanted to be batting.

I don't know very many people who can get the ball "in the rough" while mini golfing - but I am gifted and I did it MORE than once. I have a small collection of photos of my ball in the dirt, gravel, water, and sand surrounding the putting green. And when I did manage to keep the ball on the green, it was often buried under pine trees.

It was quite the lovely day. Plus the sun hadn't even gone down yet. See?

And here is the primary difference between Josh and Me. I saw this tree and said "oooh. Tommy would love that popcorn tree" and started singing and doing the actions. Josh looked around a bit and said "buhhh....."

After all that wandering around in the heat, we decided to eat some good food.

This Date of the Month club is sortof awesome. I think it might become a traditional Christmas Gift because I love it so much. 


  1. I would like to take this moment to tell you that I think you are BRAVE, even if you won't go in the batting cages. Because, really, you are the onliest person I know who takes fish-face pictures and posts them REGULARLY on your blog. And also there's that one wedding picture...

    SOOO glad you had fun!

    1. :D Not everyone is "brave" enough to post such realistic (and unflattering) pictures huh? I actually did get in and swing. But Josh is not a great photographer and only managed to take one picture of my butt while I was in there... (nice Josh.) Of course he did fast pitch and I was proud of me for hitting a couple of slow pitch ones. :D


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