Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. George: Dixie Rock

We would've stayed here all day long.

But it was cold and Johnny got bored (or tired? or cold? or hungry? or all of the above) quickly.

Sometimes we try to look like we care about where we are and why it's important. Tommy dutifully looks up to see what he's supposed to see and then we can move on to the fun part.

Tommy was over the moon because 'ROCKS!!!!!' Seriously, heaven. Go ahead and pretend this next picture as zero evidence of Tommy eating dirt OK?

It was a lot colder than it looked - especially in the caves (or shade really...)

Josh was equally thrilled and couldn't get my boys high enough off the ground.
"Come on! Mom! Climb!" (both Josh & Tommy's favorite phrase of the day.) 

And when you can't climb any higher - at least you can peek. 

Meanwhile, lame-sauce mom is all over the cuddling in the cave-shade for the sissy pants.   

Tommy climbed up on this ledge and wouldn't get back down. "Look mom! A cave! ooooooohhhh a cave!"

But then I found a rock and bribed him to come out in the sun for a bit. "Look mom!  A rock! Oooooohhhhh a rock!"
Because, you know, there were only 9,300 million rocks there.

Then I went up a little stairway to the end of the world and felt like I was going to die because it was so high. And Josh said "here! I'll toss you John then Tommy and I will climb up!"

I came back down and refused to let John go up there. So Josh took  Tommy instead.

And they liked it.

So John & I joined them.
I'm not kidding Tommy would think he'd died and gone to heaven if we stayed for just 5 more minutes. The rocks were perfect for scrambling around on. He felt like he was climbing but he wasn't so I let him. He picked up rocks and threw them. He picked up other rocks and broke them with his bare hands (he has some serious muscles.) He went up high, and down low. It was beautiful. (Minus the piles of broken glass he wanted to play with...that was not beautiful, but we distracted him without too much effort.)

I would go back to St. George again just for Dixie Rock.

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