Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Are the People in your Neighborhood

Sometimes when I post a picture like this on instagram

a neighbor friend says "go get my driveway too - it could use some love".

So we grab the baby monitor, and hold hands while we cross the street to vandalize the neighbors' sidewalks.

Purple Elmo and a little love note makes us happy.

But poor Tommy was heartbroken when we had to be "all done, friends' picture?" He wanted to "one more Aubrey? pwease? Aubrey? Elmo? Chalk? Please? Friends?"

And just like that, my little boy is convinced that Elmo and Aubrey and roommates across the street.


  1. You could do my driveway too!!!!! I love sidewalk chalk.

  2. So cute! I wish you were my neighbor. Tommy and Michael could be buddies while we visit and you crack me up with your wit! sigh... if only...


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