Saturday, April 28, 2012

Color Me Rad

A few months ago there was a deal for a cheap (and awesome) race.

So I signed up. Then started begging my friends and neighbors to sign up too.

Before long our "fun relaxed race" turned into a weekend getaway for a few girls from the ward.

We started beautiful and white and clean.

Then we ran for 3.2 miles and came out a kind of filthy I've never experienced before.

Afterward we shook out our clothes and hair and lined the car with painters plastic before heading back to the hotel.

I was proud of myself for not dying during the race because while I had the best of training intentions - my follow through was seriously lacking. So when Debby asked me what my goal was, I told her I just didn't want to die. And I didn't. So...check check!

(But secretly I wanted to run the whole thing.)

There was a hill at the beginning that kept winding and turning, I kept thinking this HAD to be the end of the hill and I'd turn the corner and there was more hill. My poor brain couldn't handle it, so I walked a bit. But I ran every other step of the race all by myself. The rest of my team was awesome and flew through it without even THINKING of stopping. I finished at 37 minutes and had to talk myself out of quitting more than once, but I did it. And I'm proud of that.

But mostly it was fun to make such a mess. Why is that so fun? I'm still puzzling over this.... and it was fun to have the distraction of the color stations so often throughout the race.


  1. Good job!!!! That looks so fun!

  2. Go Amy!! You did awesome! When we finished it we were like "There's no way that was 3 miles!" It went by so fast and was SOO much fun!


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