Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo A Day: A Stranger

This morning I was terrified of this day of the challenge.

But then I remembered we'd be going out today. And a concert at Temple Square is sortof perfect for taking pictures of strangers.

So I told Josh that his mission (should he choose to accept it) was to find someone fascinating to take a picture of.

We started off boring.
"Lookit! 3 gray-haired folks in a row - I win at tic-tac-toe."
Josh pointed out how lame that idea was and took this picture over his head. 
"lookit! 100 more gray-haired folks."
But then the concert went on and my eavesdropping skills made me fall in love with 2 of my neighbors specifically. And getting their pictures was a little tricky, but for you justforyou! we did it. 

I have a tiny-kid-crush on this boy who was my immediate neighbor. He was rockin' out through the whole concert, and he behaved beautifully. Excellent manners, taking care of his little brother. He was adorable and I can only hope Tommy grows up to be this awesome.

Wanna see the video? Particularly the lip sucking happening around 9 seconds. 

Stranger #2 is found just over Josh's shoulder (and by his ear). 
 She had more of a crush on the band than I do on the boy next to me. From what I could gather all of her dreams came true when her daddy asked her out on this date. She called her mom at intermission and told her about every song they sang and every joke they told. "And John is one of the new guys and he just got ENGAGED mom! ENGAGED!!! This is so cool."

But the photo I REALLY wanted for today, was the one I couldn't catch on camera. 

Tommy fell asleep in his carseat on the way home. And when we pulled into the driveway Josh and I both looked back at our sleeping boy. Then we giggled because he was picking his nose in his sleep. 

And there is nothing stranger than a boy who picks his nose in his sleep.

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