Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Josh Got a Job In Real Life

Josh got a job.

As an RN.
Full time.
With benefits.
Working during the day.
Since he has zero experience in nursing those were exactly the things he was looking for. Someday when he grows up he'll have more specific demands about his jobs. But for now he is thrilled to be starting in the right field.
He'll be working at a rehab facility in Orem, mainly working with joint replacements. Which is code for old people pain management. But he is excited for the opportunity. He is excited to learn new things and use his new skills.

In Real Life he's over the moon to be done with Redbox. That has been a fantastic job, and they've been SO good to bend over backward to work around his schedule. But he is burned. Out. He's been there for 6.5 years now, and he's so done.

In Real Life I'm excited for a real work schedule. One that doesn't always end with "unless someone breaks something".

In Real Life I'm excited to be moving to a new house. Because we are simply bursting at these seams and I'm secretly hoping we find a place with a yard.

In Real Life my heart breaks every time I look out my window and see a neighbor walk down the street. Josh and I have lived here for 5 years. It's our home and it's the only home our babies have ever known. This is the first place we were grown ups in our ward and this is the first place that was really ours. This is where most of our life has been and I am seriously sad about leaving it.

In Real Life I'm terrified for what's coming. Where will we live? What will we do with our house here? What about the boys? Will we make new friends? (not like these ones, guaranteed.) Will our neighbors love us? Will we be there very long?

In Real Life I hate packing. I like the organizing and I like the decluttering and I really should like packing but I don't. It's sad and lonely work. It's hair-raising when the kids are around. It makes my house a mess because nothing will be where it belongs from now until we have a new home. Also boxes. I loathe cardboard. Nails on a chalkboard to me. I might die a slow and miserable death.

In Real Life I am scared to leave the security and stability of Redbox.

In Real Life I look forward to living in Utah County again. People here aren't typically big fans of the Orem area, but I am excited to be going back there. And shopping at Macey's!

In Real Life I am oddly excited about finding a new everything. New running and biking routes, new library with new programs, new ward and new callings, new parks, pools and grocery stores. New Dr. office and new lunch favorites. I ordinarily hate change, but a fresh start is sounding lovely this morning.

In Real Life I'm equal parts nervous and excited for Josh's short-week schedule. Three 12 hour days means he'll be home for 4 days every week. FOUR. WHOLE. DAYS. He's been gone a lot over the past few years and I've built a life and a routine without him, I hope we can adjust to being together so much quickly and easily. And I am OVER THE MOON at the thought of him joining us at the park in the middle of the day. Or having a lazy pajama morning with us. Just think, I could potentially go grocery shopping BY MYSELF in the middle of the day. We might eat lunch together! Hard to even imagine isn't it? I can hardly wait.

In Real Life Josh will be working both the new job and the Redbox job for another month. Since that means we'll see next to nothing of each other for 4 weeks I plan to ramp up for our days together.

*As a side note, if you have any good moving boxes, we want them. Sigh.*


  1. Where are you gonna move to? Can I run with you? Can we be friends? K, Love ya!

    1. Yes yes and yes! We haven't found a place yet, but we're hoping to be in Orem, the job is at like 400 N and just West of State, so close ish to that. :) Are you at your mom's or in Provo?

  2. Do you know WHEN you are moving yet? I am so sad you are leaving! I'm glad for all of the good things that your new adventure will bring though!!!

    1. Probably the end of the month - it depends on finding a new place to live (and what we do with this place) though, so we're at the mercy of whatever. I'm heartbroken and SO SO happy!

  3. I think it is all VERY exciting and very real life! I am commiserate on all of the ups and downs that come with a new job and a move. I am so thrilled that you guys are going to get to experience a new season.... 4 days off that is CRAZY awesome! What hours will he be working, 6a-6p, 8a-8p???? Hurray for being closer to family, that will be so great!

    1. 6-6 is the shift. :D Hooray right? And if anybody gets it, it's you!

    2. 6-6 sounds perfect! Yippee!

  4. Yay for real life! It's funny how many times you can say, I'm a real adult now. lol. Orem's a great place. We live just next door in Provo and love it. Seriously, we almost live in Orem. Anyway, good luck with the packing. May it go smoothly and may you kids not get packed in a box. j/k. Hope you find an amazing place to live down here.

  5. In real life, I am over the moon excited that you'll be closer and I think that Josh should sacrifice a commute so you can come move into my awesome neighborhood. Even if you don't find a huge yard you could have Thanksgiving Point as a backyard...just sayin. :)

  6. Congratulations!!!!

    Whoever gets you will be really lucky!! We will miss you, but everyone I know who lives in Orem adores their neighbors. And a real house with a yard is down right exciting!

  7. Congrats Josh on the new job! A fresh start can be refreshingly awesome and a little terrifying at the same time, but totally worth it. You get to start off fresh and be the person you are. Good luck and do some extra shopping at Macey's for me...I sure do miss that grocery store!

  8. How fun! I love living in Utah county! Maybe we can hangout sometime. :)

  9. Awesome news! And I probably have some boxes you can have. We didn't use all the ones we collected.

  10. My heart breaks that your family will be leaving us! :(
    Oh Amy,
    Here we thought WE were the ones being kicked out of our place, but it turns out everyone else will be moving out instead! That's a pretty rotten deal!
    Anyway, seriously, SOOO EXCITED for the new phase in your lives. I'm SOOOO looking forward to April graduation myself. Its onward and upward for you guys for sure!
    I grew up in Orem... so I'm a fan of UT County. Yay! I grew up in THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD and THE BEST WARD. EVER. 1200 North/ 600 West - ish... just in case you're still looking! ;) Good luck and lots of success!!!


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