Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Only One?

I'm curious.

Am I the only one who
  • Does not love Downtown Abbey? I tried to like it - 4 times. But I'm still in episode 1 and I'm not in love. Actually I just learned that I'm not the only one. Aubry doesn't like it either. Hi Aubry!
  • Sorts my laundry? Like a lot? Because 3 loads of darks (delicate, nice, grimy), 3 loads of lights (delicate, nice, grimy), whites, jeans, blankets, towels, and sheets makes 11 different loads. ELEVEN. It always makes me think of this episode of Friends. Fastforward to 8:12 in the video unless you have 9 whole minutes to laugh your guts out. Then watch the whole thing because it's awesome. Fancy. Guest. Fancy-guest! Eleven is just a really big number.
  • Still loves my children? Because I'm pretty sure there's an entire ward in Midway full of people who don't because of Tommy's epic 25 minute tantrum on Sunday. 
  • Doesn't sign up for a website because MY username is already taken? Because there are loads of places I don't belong because there's another amy egbert out there who is faster at registering for the cool stuff websites. 
  • Still listens to the music I liked in high school? Because Green Day doesn't make me want to barf. Just sayin'.
  • Drives around for 20 minutes then hangs out in my driveway for another 15 because the kids are asleep in the back of the car and I just can't stand to break the spell? I totally did that today.


  1. Um... I just watched the first episode of Downtown Abbey on Sunday and I did not like it either! And I really don't know what is going on...

  2. Never even heard of Downtown Abbey... what is it?

  3. TV show, I'm so glad to know it's not just me!

  4. I still love Tommy! Like, a lot.

    As for the other items...we might not be at all the same.


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