Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo A Day: new

new: another point for me in the battle against movies. 

I've been fighting the "we have too many movies and they take up too much space" battle for a while (like more than a year or two). I started by getting rid of my DVD rack. Then I got rid of all the cases and put just the discs in old school CD wallets. (3 big ones!) but last night I cut up the CD wallets, taking out the sleeve protectors for the DVDs and put them in this cute box.

The battle isn't over, because Josh thinks it's too hard to browse this way. But it's significantly prettier than it has ever been. So I'm calling it a win anyway.


  1. i love it! very creative and pretty. and whoa, i am impressed with your collection too... now i know who to ask if i need a movie ;) you could start charging.

  2. Cuteness always trumps functionality in my book. You should seriously pin this along with a tutorial of how you did it. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would want to make one too.

  3. I've thought about doing that too...but I'm too OCD to throw my DVD cases away and it does make it harder to visually look through for the movie you want to watch...maybe I could do this for my son's movies :)


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