Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Did I Know

I thought that taking over the hole-in-the-wall in my living room and making it a beautiful closet office would be a matter of moving some furniture around and batting my eyes at Josh so he'd unmount the tv from one wall and mount it to the opposite one. I promised Josh I'd only make him do "wall stuff" because (as we all know) he has almost exactly zero spare time right now.

I thought I'd run to Ikea real quick, buy some incredible pieces which even I can assemble.

I thought I'd phone a friend and knock out this project after the boys' bedtime one night.

Go ahead and laugh. One of us should.

On Wednesday I told Josh that if he wanted to meet me and the boys at Ikea so we could put the furniture in his car I'd buy him lunch. FOUR hours later we got the stuff into his car.

On Thursday I moved the hope chest and the shoe stack. But it turns out that the hope chest was too wide, so I also had to move the bookcase. Which wasn't mounted to the wall and tipped over on me with 2 shelves full of books. So I couldn't put the books back on the shelf until the bookcase was mounted to the wall (a Josh job) and it couldn't be mounted until we split the cable which was hiding behind it.

That was the smallest easiest part of the whole process. And it took me 2 straight days, calling in favors from friends and locking my children out of the room more than once.

And that was the easiest part.

It's now been nearly a week and I'm still working on it.

Josh spent more hours that either of us can count (and not just because we're sleep deprived and brain dead) drilling holes, mounting hardware, patching walls, painting patches, building, assembling, measuring, cutting and leveling. His part is done now and it looks like I have another week's worth of organizing, dejunking and beautifying.

Can somebody please remind me of this feeling if I ever tell you I have a great house idea again?


  1. That does seem to be how a simple project always goes. I'll bet you'll be glad enough when it is over that you won't remember the pain too well for the next time.

  2. What a project! Sounds like it'll be worth it though when it's all done...you'd better post pictures :)

  3. Dude. I suck. I feel real bad I heavily encouraged this and then did not help.

    I promise, that will not happen again. When should we build your bench?

    1. Yeesh! I didn't know I could just blame it on you. That's much more fun. :D


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