Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo A Day: Blue

Last night I sulked because I don't have blue eyes to take a picture of today. 

But I have 2 boys, and it turns out I was surrounded by blue today. 

  1. Tommy got a "Blue's Clues" DVD from grandma for Valentine's Day. He was in heaven.
  2. Then of course he had to tuck in monkey using his (current) favorite blue blanket.
  3. John all bundled up for our walk.
  4. Discovery Gateway Children's Museum wristband.
  5. Another "tucked in" moment. 
  6. At least Johnny has beautiful blue eyes.
  7. Blue slide at the park.
  8. John rocking the awesome chair at Children's Museum. Again with those blue eyes. Oh he melts my heart.
  9. Tommy's piggy bank for counting "money money money money!"
  10. Swim cap.
  11. Blue water apron.

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