Thursday, February 2, 2012


Usually it looks like this in January in Utah:

Heck, it looked like this in April in Utah last year.

But something creepy, strange, incredible, beautiful, eerie is happening in Utah this year. And instead it looks like this on January 31st Utah:

So we went for a family walk.

On our way back, we stopped at the park.

We're calling this next video "careful Tommy, careful"

I love it when he talks to himself.

Meanwhile, Dad and John enjoyed the sunset.

Tommy attacked the playground in way he never has before. I normally have to coax him through every part of the playground, but he was a madman trying every new thing the whole time. It was AWESOME.

What a lovely January day.


  1. I think the creepy thing is that this is actually nation wide. So will winter come in April?

  2. I love this winter. I'm not even thinking of the creepy, just enjoying. I love "Careful Tommy careful." So cute!


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