Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo A Day: drink

Photo a day: drink

This weekend we went to a cabin with most of my family. It's a happy place, but if we're being completely honest we all look forward to it mostly so we can eat ourselves sick. Every meal is like Sunday dinner (breakfast included) that's why we had to pack a gallon of orange juice, 2 of apple juice and one of grape juice.

Of course when we ate breakfast most of us were still full from last night's dinner. (Pho. So so good.) Which is why we currently have OJ in our fridge. Which almost never happens.

I'm curious, how normal is it to have juice in your fridge all the time?


  1. Papa Smurf has orange juice on a daily basis, so it would be un-normal for us to have it in our fridge. :) Glad you guys had fun!!

  2. We never ever ever have anything but milk and water to drink in our fridge. If I had any kind of self discipline I I would have juice and dr pepper at all times on hand.


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