Thursday, June 17, 2010

makeshift weekend & 20 second thunderclaps

Josh is "only" in school Monday - Wednesday nights.

That means that last night was our makeshift weekend.

He got home from school and we ate enough M&M's and corn on the cob to make me sick while watching SYTYCD to make me happy.

Then I ran to Walmart - which was a gutsy move because the best time to go to Walmart is before 8am (and it was definitely after 8am).. On a weekday. Because Walmart on a Saturday is my very own personal version of Hell. But the thing about Walmart on a Wednesday night, is that it's almost as good as a "before 8am" trip. At least it was last night.

Except that their stupid giftcards NEVER work. And when you have 3 of them.....well forget about it. Fortunately the nice guy in Electronics didn't make fun of me when it turned out there was a whopping $2.30 on that gift card.

So by the time I got home from my "quick run to Walmart" it was an hour later and Josh, who was trying his darndest to wait up for me, was engulfed in the lovesac completely unconscious.

So I watched a chick flick by myself.

Until the lightning and thunder started. And then I watched the thunderstorm by myself.

You won't believe me (unless you listened to it too) but there were 20 second thunderclaps last night. It rumbled and it rolled and it clapped and I counted (mississippily) to make sure I wasn't exaggerating. I wasn't.

It. Was. Beautiful.

I tried to wake Josh up to tell him about the thunder, he heard one in his half-aware state and said "whoa....that thunder must have been really cold." and then he continued tripping from the living room to the bed. I think he meant that the lightning must have been really close....but really that wouldn't have made sense either since we weren't noticing how close lightning and thunder were to each other, but simply how long one thunder rolled.

Anyhow, it wasn't much, but it seemed like a lovely weekend night to me.

Until Thomas started his screeching at quarter to 6 this morning. Then I remembered that it's not the weekend at all. And even if it were it wouldn't matter.

Because weekends will never matter again.


  1. Weekends will matter again. Don't miss the forest for the trees.

    And I love you. (Because that helps. It does, it does, it does!)

  2. Yeah, weekends and holidays sometimes lose their meaning when you have little kids. And that storm was awesome! I was laying in bed listening to it as I fell asleep.

    I make my weekly trek to Walmart around 10:00am on weekdays and it usually isn't so bad. My nightmare is Walmart on a Friday or Saturday night when there are no families or moms, but just a bunch of people as featured on
    I don't know where these types of people come from, because you usually don't see them anywhere else around Davis County, but they seem to come out of the woodwork for a Friday night at Wally world.

  3. Oh i love thunder storms too! I love that you enjoy yourself even by yourself! What a nice time for you.

  4. You can come to our house some weekend (makeshift or otherwise)and we will watch Thomas, and you and Josh can have a date. Then weekends will matter.

  5. That storm was so cool last night. Drew and I were studying, but had to go out on his porch when we saw the awesome lightning. Being three stories up (as his apartment is) made those long thunder rolls especially cool because we felt like we were in them.

  6. I will also watch Thomas some time when you want a weekend down here. Love ya!


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