Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I don't do anything on Tuesdays. It is the ultimate lazy day. I don't run in the morning, I don't Zumba in the evening, if I'm feeling really good I go for a walk....sometimes....but certainly not regularly.

Today my sister (and her 2 girls) are coming to play, so maybe it will be a slightly less "fat" Tuesday. But I did eat Sopapilla Cheesecake for breakfast....so chances are slim.


  1. Love you! you make my day

  2. Absolutely fantastic. I bet it was the best breakfast you've ever had!

  3. "Fat Days" and I are good friends, unfortunately.

  4. HURRAY for TUESDAYS!! I wanna come!

  5. Hey, we had broccoli and carrots for lunch. Go us!

    Also I just caught up on your blog but I started late and it's 10:45 so...is it bad to comment all in one spot?

    I wish I woulda thought of a giveaway for my salon thing (shhh)

    Thomas is adorable and his swim suit is also adorable.

    I can't really believe he ate 3 dinner rolls after dinner because Lucy ate all his puffs before he even got one.

    I'm not sure about water fights on Sundays but I tried to get Ryann and Audrey to start one last time we ate outside with the Marshes and I was roasting.


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