Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fighting Back

It's officially summer.

Not a cloud in the sky.
No shade for miles.
Too hot to leave the windows open past 10am.

And it's Saturday.

Not that I can tell. Josh went to work at 8 this morning to do massages, then he got called on some incredibly important Redbox emergency business (Someone had to walk across the parking lot to another Redbox because this one was down! Oh the horror!) and now I'm home alone, working while Tommy naps just like every other day of the week.

And now I'm fighting back.

By watching Chasing Liberty (a movie which Josh, for some unknown reason, does not love), treating myself to homemade snow cone/slurpee goodness, cranking the a/c (for the first time this year) and passing out on the couch as I anxiously await the return of my baby's father, because swimming with him is way better than swimming alone.

Take THAT stupidly hot Saturday!


  1. It is a hot Saturday, and for that I think you are completely justified in the whole snow cone-chick flick-ac lovin- passing out on the couch bit...

  2. LOL, because I just went outside to this GORGEOUS day and washed my car, and I came in and said, "Amy is miserable today. She thinks it is 400,000 degrees."

    Ashtyn, BTW, is on my side. She said you're nuts because today is BEAUTIFUL day.

    On the other hand, EVERYTHING is better when your baby's father is home. And I'm glad you got to have something cold and wet and wonderful while enjoying the A/C in your lovely, quiet (cuz Babe's sleeping) home. And watching and enjoying a movie--which you deserve!


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