Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tommy learns new tricks

Last week Tommy still couldn't do anything.

Then overnight he learned new tricks.

Most important of the new tricks is that he feeds himself. Sortof.

You know how capable you feel when you are given a magnetic fishing rod to catch as many magnetic fish as possible 8 feet away?

That's about how capable he is with his slobbery hands.

He sticks his arms straight out and clenches and opens his fist while he hovers over the tray covered in pieces of food. When he catches a bite, he tries to get his face to his fist without bending his elbow.

Here's what's got me confused: why is it that everything he touches must immediately enter his mouth, but when his fists are full of food his elbows are suddenly as immobile as the tin man's?

Eventually he shouts and bangs his fist on the tray which is my cue to hold out a food particle between my fingers. That's when he grabs my fist and shoves it in his mouth while simultaneously diving open-mouthed toward the food I'm holding out for him.

After a few bites he catches on and just starts picking up the pieces of food and puts them in his mouth.

Which, of course, makes everybody happy.


  1. Don't waste any time trying to figure out why kids eat the way they do. It makes no sense and makes you crazy. Once I fought with the kids to try chocolate covered strawberries and after 20 min. they finally did then spit them out and frantically tried to wipe off their tongues. Then we went outside and they promptly started shoveling bark from the flower beds into their little traps. What???

  2. Such a darling little boy... that smile is to die for.

  3. Complete cuteness!! Thanks for letting us glimpse the adorable boy!


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