Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too bad the Little Red Hen didn't have a mother

Once I finally got over my yeast dilemma, I made my bread.

With the wheat my mother ground for me while I was at her house last time.

And the dough enhancer she measured for me.

And the Bosch she taught me how to use.

And the gluten she purchased and had on hand (who has gluten on hand?....other than you Emily....)

And when my visiting teacher came over and said "you made bread? Like from scratch?" and looked at me like I was a bit nuts...(well, let's face it, I am a bit nuts) I felt all proud of me like the little red hen.

"I ground the wheat into flour, I mixed the ingredients, I formed the loaves, I stayed in the house while they rose (reese, raised, risened?), and while they baked. I buttered their tops. I sliced the bread. and I am going to eat the bread!"

But then I remembered that my mom did most of the work and she wasn't even here today.

I bet if the little red hen's mom was as cool as mine, she would have been willing to share bread with her visiting teachers too.


  1. I always feel a little proud when my friends open my fridge or cupboard and say something like, "You always have the weirdest stuff!" (usually referring to something like wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, mycelium pegs for inoculating logs and growing my own mushrooms, dandelions, or tupperware full of alien-looking home made seitan).

    And I'm even a little MORE proud when I make them home-made bread or dandelion greens pesto or vegetarian stir fry and they realize that all my weird stuff is there for a (delicious) reason.

  2. Give me a call if you need gluten. I WAS the Little Red Hen for many years (according to my neighbor). Also, your bread dough RAISED. You're welcome.

  3. I say it's reese. :)

    Maybe I'll have to make a trip up to Salt Lake... ;)

  4. It all sounds so delicious and it makes me wish sorely that I were your visiting teacher. You are a bread making genius, I know I've tried to make it and it's usually resembles a brick. Go Amy!

  5. Hurray for homemade bread!! Speaking of which, I need to get on the ball and make some today too. It's been a month! And yes, I do have gluten & dough enhancer on hand ;), but you should feel lucky to be in UT where you can just go and buy some when you want too!
    Plus, your mama does rock!

  6. I know I already commented, but I discovered something a couple days ago, and wanted to share: you know how gluten is way more expensive than you feel like it should be? If you go to the flour section of the Asian markets, it's about half as much!

    (and while you're there, there are so many other awesome thing to look/get).


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