Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thomas: 8 months

Can you believe we're already doing this? I can't.

The most important things you should know about Thomas are these:

He discovered puffs. And now he doesn't get as excited about green beans. It reminds me of the time I discovered that honey nut cheerios weren't always mixed with regular cheerios. I'll never eat regular ones again. 

Plus the kid likes to have his feet up. Who doesn't?
He thinks bathing is the cat's meow. Or that thing about sliced bread. Whatever, he likes it.

He had his first taste of my mother's homemade rolls. Listen, if you haven't had the pleasure of eating these things you haven't lived. Period. He downed 3 of them at dinner on Sunday. And that was AFTER he'd already had his dinner.

He's freakin' adorable huh?
He shakes his head (like "no") and smiles and leans into you while he does it. It's probably the most adorable thing he's ever learned. (Except grabbing onto my thumbs when he was still a lump of nothingness. Nothing will ever beat that.) 

He rolls everywhere. But he has zero interest in crawling. In fact I'm not even sure he has knees. Certainly not the kind that support you.

He laughs hysterically, but only when he's in the mood.
His "camera face" has changed to a cheesy grin complete with drool down the belly.

He babbles dadadada and screeches mmmmmmmmmmma! all the time.

When he's tired he puts his head on my shoulder and leaves it there while I say "awwww....loves...." and then pops his head up real fast and smiles because he thinks he's so funny. Can't imagine where he got the "thinks he's so funny" bit.....

He still wears 6 (some large 3 month) month clothes and his swimsuit positively drowns him. But I don't care. I still drape it over him almost daily.

Every once in a while he wakes up at like 9:30pm and freaks out and only his daddy can calm him down. I think he does it on school nights just to make sure daddy really did come home. Also he might be doing it to remind me that I can't fix everything in his life. I know.

Also he still has blue eyes. The beautifulest blue eyes I've ever seen. EVER.

And just like that it's way past time for bed!


  1. He is such a cutie...There is no way that he is 8 months old! How time flys when you are having fun!

  2. I have blue eyes, too, blue as my Jaybird who flew up to Heaven. God bless.


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