Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have you not heard my baby laugh yet? Well, you should.

*Clearly this video is can tell it was filmed in a happier time because it was cold enough that Josh is wearing a jacket, but warm enough that my baby is naked. If I took the same video today, we'd all be naked**. (Don't count on many pictures for the next few months....)

**And by "naked" I mean "in our swimsuits" because for the next three months we will always be just getting home from, or just getting ready to go to, the pool. Always.


  1. Could there please be anything cuter than that, SERIOUSLY!!

  2. Going to the pool everyday is a great memory for kids. Making that trip with your favorite pool toys

  3. You're slacking! I saw un-gotten kisses popping out all over that adorable face. And tummy. And arms.

    Gosh! I can't count on your for anything.

    I guess if I want something done right, I just have to do it myself...

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  5. I love his laugh!! You'll have to let me know when you swimming so we can go together!


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