Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinner with Grandpa

My grandpa is 80-something years old and still hosts a big fat Sunday dinner every Sunday.  Last week we got to go, and it was a beautiful thing.

I haven't eaten off of that china with real silver and cloth napkins for entirely too long.

Plus Aunt Amy (who might be a little grandbaby hungry...) was kind enough to take Tommy while Josh and I both ate a full meal with 2 hands each!

After dinner it is time to sing. One of the Incredibly Talented Fugals (this time it was Rachel) sits down at the piano and plays whatever hymns we ask her to while we all sing. She plays lovely arrangements and intros, but manages to keep a steady rhythm for us to sing with at the same time.

Grandpa talks about how much he misses Grandma which made me cry. My family (parents and 5 kids) lived with them for most of my Elementary School life and I only remember his house being full. Full of people and love and food and stuff and people and people and more people. The cousins were always over, with activities and celebrations happening all the time. But when we were there last week, I realized that he's there alone. My heart breaks when I think about living without Josh for any period of time, this week my heart broke for my Grandpa who isn't with the love of his life (for now).

On the plus side he is surrounded by his kids and their kids and our kids. And we love him dearly.

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  1. Dinner with TWO hands, both of you? Amazing.

    I bet you ended up not covered in food, too. :)

    Also, I love family singing time, just sayin'.


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