Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting off the inevitable

You know how sometimes you're supposed to do something but you don't really want to, so as soon as you run into a snag in the process you just quit?

Today I was supposed to make bread.  You my family could eat.

But my new exciting recipe calls for instant yeast, and I only have boring yeast....-UNinstant yeast.....delayed yeast. Except the kind that comes in pouches, I have instant yeast that way. But the recipe doesn't call for yeast in # of packets, it calls for it in Tablespoons, and really, what are you gonna do with a tiny bit of leftover yeast?

Plus, how are you even going to figure out how much of it you really need? (Heaven forbid I google the teaspoon/tablespoon conversion rate...)

That sure does sound like a lot of effort, doesn't it?

PLUS you have to get out the Bosch too.

I think that sounds like entirely too much effort.

Besides that, apparently Tommy only needs 2 naps/day now. And that's not really long enough to bake bread anyway.


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  2. What I meant to say was...those are ALL good reasons not to make bread. :)

  3. Been there, done that. I don't know what brand you have, but mine was conveniently 1 tablespoon! May you be so lucky.

    But really, who wants to bake in the heat of summer? It'll heat up your kitchen. Now you can add that to your list of reasons not to bake today. :)


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