Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Binkie Graveyard

There are a few things you need to know.

  1. I learned an important lesson from my mom a long long time ago: you should always have at least 1 extra. It doesn't matter what it is, you should have 1 extra just in case. This is why I carry 2 emergency tampons in my purse, 6 diapers in the diaper bag even if we're only going to the grocery store for 2 minutes, 24 cans of cream of chicken soup, 1 ginormous box of laundry detergent we're using and 1 for when it unexpectedly runs out, always an extra toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in the cupboard and a tiny one in my purse. I might be what you'd call paranoid or high maintenance, but I prefer to call it extraordinarily prepared. For most things.
  2. Thomas is well known for his ability to sneak stuff out. When we go on walks he somehow always manages to toss the burp cloth overboard. always. I've been mailed burp clothes, and had them delivered to my home, and picked them up from random strangers who know they are my burp clothes because we cross paths daily. Really. Seriously. He does that.

We used to have exactly 2 binkies and I knew where both of them were at all times. 1 in his mouth and 1 in a bag in the diaper bag. For emergency purposes only.

Then my extraordinarily kind brother donated some to the cause.

Then I had 6 binkies and only knew where the 2 that Thomas doesn't like were at all times (in the cupboard).

Lately we lose binkies at the rate of at least 1 per day.

For the last 3 days we've been down to 1. 1 solitary binkie.

Having only 1 binkie it makes me nervous and uncomfortable. What if it gets lost? Or we drop it in the middle of the road? Or Thomas suddenly sprouts teeth and bites the nipple off? Or the binkie thief steals it in the night? We would be dead meat. That's what.

So today I was determined to find the missing binkies. It shouldn't be that hard....I live in a house with exactly 2 bedrooms and 1 gigantic room. There simply aren't that many hiding places. I know, I've been trying to find them for more than 2 years.

After pulling the trundle out from under the crib, I saw what can only be described as the binkie graveyard.

Now that Tommy rolls we ditched the bumpers, and apparently he's been throwing the binkies overboard in the night. I found 3 good binkies and 1 that he doesn't like under there......

Doesn't it seem like a binkie would make a great character for a Disney movie? And under the crib a great setting?

Just sayin'.


  1. We have six pacifiers. After much searching, I've found three. The other three ARE in the house...I just don't know where. And I totally agree; only having one makes me super nervous!

  2. I'm exactly the same way. My favorite things to hoard are toilet paper and deoderant. Because in case of emergency those are the last things I'd want to be without.

  3. My nephew did the exact same thing. Storing his binkie's under the crib.

    I am currently missing two sets of sewing needles (for my machine), last seen with Stella. (They're still in the packaging). I will not buy more because I know they're somewhere in the house. However all sewing projects are on hold.

  4. And one time I found a binkie balancing on the side of the crib that was by the wall only it was beneath the mattress just not on the floor. That one was tricky! I'm still excited for the day I find Ryann's stash somewhere. :D


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