Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that I've been trying to have a good long nap for the past 3 days and Josh keeps coming home and interrupting? I know, I shouldn't complain, it means I get to chill with my husband. But all I want is for him to climb in bed with me and sleep uninterrupted for 2 hours. That's all I want. For all my birthdays and all my Christmases forever. (Only because there's still mother's day.....)

Did you know that Tommy is capable of sleeping "elsewhere"? As long as "elsewhere" is in a quiet dark room in a play pen with his "lovey blanket" and "lovey bear". I suppose we'll test this theory later today...but he did it last night.

Did you know that Josh looks hot in my totally awesome pink Alaska hoodie? I know because he just came home from Maverik wearing it.

Did you know that tomorrow we'll be back to summer? Swimming, sweating and swearing. OK not so much swearing...but clearly something else needed to round out that list.

Did you know that it's Father's Day in a week? The father's in my life are incredible men and I love them all dearly, and this year my heart explodes with Josh because he is the perfect Father for my child and while I know that he is not perfect, I know just as surely that he is perfect for my family. Now what exactly do you get for a man like that? A man like that who wants nothing, wants me to spend nothing, has no room to store anything, and deserves everything? Somehow a Big Hunk candybar just doesn't say it.....

Did you know that I'm currently napping at least twice a day? I'm not quite sure what happened to that whole "I don't take naps" business....because it's certainly isn't true now.

Did you know that the only letter that doesn't appear on the periodic table is 'J'? Go ahead science kids, try to prove me wrong. Also the only reason any person can ever find 'J' in the alphabet road trip game is because of Flying J. In fact that's probably why they named it that. Or maybe because the dude who invented it was named "Jay" whatever.

Did you know that even if you eat 4 ounces of salad (that's a lot) you still won't cancel out how much fat is in that homemade ice cream? *sigh* unfortunate isn't it?

Did you know that "waterfight" just got put on the list of approved Sabbath Day activities? If Josh's mom allows it, it's OK. And well...judging by the level of soakedness of Josh's's allowed.

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