Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Days

Friday night Josh and I planned to go the Strawberry Days Rodeo while grandma listed to our reverently sleeping child. We even brought our cowboy hats and Josh took his allergy pills.

Instead we spent 20+ minutes going 1 mile on the freeway around the point of the mountain while Tommy (not so subtly) let us know how he feels about being stuck in traffic.

So when we got to my mom's house, I bribed Josh and told him if he let me put on my jammies and spend the night letting grandma and grandpa wait on us hand and foot, I'd let him babysit Tommy the next morning while I did my race. 

He took the deal.

So instead of rodeo-ing we ate a real meal prepared by someone other than me, we played Phase 10 and Uno, ate ice cream and watched Monk. Hanging out with old people is more fun than you think it is. Every time. 

After the race on Saturday morning (for a complete recap, see the running blog), we headed over to the Peerade. (For those of you not well versed in the language of my daddy....that would be a parade.) If you live in Pleasant Grove (or thereabouts) and didn't go to the Peerade, you're the only one as far as I can tell. There was quite the turnout.

Tommy thought it was cool.

Well at least as cool as he thinks anything is.

Then Josh stole Tommy's chair while Tommy and I yelled at the politicians to "stop calling me!" 

Then Josh teased Tommy with the licorice that he's not allowed to eat.

Meanwhile, Logan sat there nicely.

And the other Hunter boys shared their candy.

When we got home, Grandma thought SOMEONE ought to wear the cowboy hat (since we missed out on the opportunity the night before)...

But Tommy didn't like it.

And that's how we celebrated Strawberry Days.


  1. Psh. And you were trying to get me to go!! Silly Fugal.

    Congrats on completing the race! That's awesome!!

  2. Ooo! I wish I was there to give that boy's tummy a ZRBTT. Almost as good as a munch--and closely related!

    I'm glad you had so much fun. It sounds wonderful to me.

  3. Yay for Strawberry days! Just wait. Next year you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the parade because Thomas will think it's so fun!


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