Friday, June 25, 2010

I used to find dragonflies beautiful

I'm not sure when that changed, but I have vivid memories of crouching near the lake shore to watch the beautiful creatures fly past and land on the water.

The dragonflies of my childhood were large but elegant and vibrant shades of blue and green.

The dragonflies of my adulthood are trying to eat my child alive and have eyeballs much too large for their faces.

The rollie pollies (or potato bugs, or whatever you call them) of my childhood were fascinating creatures. I loved to watch them crawl over the tips of my fingers then roll down the steep slope into the palm of my hand.  I heard once that their armor was so strong they could be stepped on by something ridiculous like 20 times their own weight.

The rollie pollies of my adulthood are mostly nonexistent. But sometimes they're the things that go "crunch" instead of "squish" when you step on them. Apparently I weigh more than 20 more than them....

Now I can't help but wonder what else would have been beautiful had we been introduced in the phase of my childhood when everything was lovely.

What used to be lovely to you?


  1. Something that used to be lovely, but isn't anymore: laying- baking- in the 95 degree summer heat and feeling it envelop me.

    Something that was lovely to me as a kid, and still is: dandelions. Never understood calling 'em weeds.

    Something that wasn't lovely to me as a kid, but is now: mushrooms. Have you ever looked closely at the gills of a mushroom? Or compared gills of one to another? It's fascinating and fairy tale-like. Look up pictures- they're lovely.

  2. I am with Heather, I love dandelions!
    Also, really long, really green grass. It is so nice and puffy and cool (the temperature kind).

  3. I still think dragonflies are beautiful, but only at a distance. If they are near me, they are just large, creepy, flying bugs. But when I watch them fly around (with some distance between us) I think they are little rainbows.

    I used to love the snow, but my love has become very conditional. There can be no responsibility to shovel walks or drives, no need to drive anywhere, and I prefer a cup of cocoa and a book in a cozy chair with a nice view of the window when it snows.


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