Friday, June 18, 2010

drumroll please......

OK all, let's pretend it's still Friday morning even though it's nearly 1:30.  Seriously.

First of all I have to say I got more comments on my "what diaper bag can I not live without?" post than I did on this hair giveaway. You should know that like the ultimate cheapskate I am, I opted for a $20 diaper bag from Walmart because, in Josh's words "if you get a diaper bag that will last forever, you have to use ONE diaper bag for-ev-er, and are you really a one diaper bag kind of girl?" Walmart it is.

So, either I effectively scared you all away from swanky salons with my mullet story, or you already have good hair, or you thought I'd rig the contest and you wouldn't win anyway.

Well. You were wrong, I didn't rig it.

And you did win.

If you are Jessica that is.
Jessica who was comment #9.
Jessica who said: OMIGOSH PUH-LEASE PICK ME!!!! I need a new haircut SO BAD and have been wanting one for MONTHS. I haven't had a haircut in a YEAR. It would be a miracle if I won this. (which sounds totally dramatic but is also totally serious.) Pick me!!

If I didn't love her so much I'd tease her about the number of exclamation points used, but I do love her so much so I won't.

So, my dear Jessica, no you're not cursed, yes you did win. Plus bonus for me, delivery to you doesn't even require a stamp! Yay! (Do you need it today, or do you wanna wait until Monday morning when I see you anyway? I promise not to flake and just not show like I did this morning....I PROMISE.)

Double bonus for me, now that I don't have to use the scary salon gift card and I can get my hair cut!

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  1. Are you kidding me? I never win ANYTHING, are you sure that's right? CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. And I'm SO excited!


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