Friday, June 4, 2010


Clearly I was excited to take Tommy to the pool for the first time.

And because I love Josh so much, I somehow managed to wait 3 WHOLE DAYS after the pool opened until he could come with us.

And it was fantastic.

Josh doesn't love swimming (something about the excruciating pain when his ears are under water....sissy) but I do. And he's a good sport so he goes with me anyway.

But add Tommy to the mix and suddenly Josh's time spent with his head under water significantly decreases. And his joy significantly increases.

A long long time ago in Jr. High, we learned about "correlation is not causation" but I'd be willing to wager that in this case it does.

one cute baby + one cute daddy + one head full of dry hair at the end + one happy mommy = a fantastic swimming experience.

Keep the comments about my farmers tan to yourself. Focus on the adorable child who loves the squeaky fish.

Tommy and Daddy both like it when the heads are out of the water.

Josh even started teaching Tommy to back float already. (Which is funny since I'm still trying to teach Josh to back float.)

But really most of the time he was just chillin' and suckin' on his lips.


  1. Hooray for firsts! Hooray for open swimming pools! Hooray for weather that doesn't mean you'll freeze while in the swimming pools!

    Oh, wait. That wouldn't make a difference for you...


  2. So cute! Suddenly, I think the pool may be on our agenda today! Ellie tried one inside our hotel on vacation a couple of weeks ago and thought it was awesome.

    P.S. I have a wicked farmer's tan too!

  3. I'm just jealous that you have a farmer's tan. I promise that's better than what I have...nothing. Also, I'm jealous you've been to the pool already. I'm waiting for Tyson too and it just isn't happening. Someday...

  4. Love the pool. It's an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

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