Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Walking With a Man-Child

Dear Aundrea,

Remember that time just after I had Tommy when you told me that one day Tommy and I would go for a walk and he would need to touch every stick and every rock but that it would be OK because we could walk as slow as he wanted? Remember how I thought the day would never come that he didn't want to just ride in the stroller? 

Sunday we all went for a walk and Tommy refused to walk on the pavement. He's not ascareda voles or snakes or toads or nuthin'. He's just ascareda walking on the path.

Little John is scareda teeth. That's why he keeps pushing them back in.

After we walked around the block for no less than 45 minutes, we returned to our neighborhood to find the sprinklers on. Irresistible. Even on the Sabbath. Shhh...don't tell my mom.

And when we got home, one of us was "soggiest EVuh, in da WEST!" so we (Tommy) got naked and ate popsicles outside.

This poor rose bush gets attacked by my boy daily. I can't decide if it's romantic that he lines our sidewalk with rose petals or straight up destructive.

After finishing his popsicle and killing all the flowers, Tommy grabbed the tabs on his diaper and yelled "I'mmmmmmm NAKED!" while he tore it off. I quickly chased him up the stairs.

Here's the thing, I thought he'd never want to walk on his own because we had such a good thing going with our daily walks through that field. 

I thought he'd never be the boss of how I spend my Sunday afternoons (because I'm a little tightly wound). 

I thought he'd never be big enough to pull his own weight, wear those 3T clothes someone gave us at his baby shower and see over the top of my bed. 

It's hard to imagine my biggest baby is filling his pockets with rocks then taking off his shorts because "they're too heavy" and yours is wearing a suit in a strange city far away from home.

But here we are. Decidedly not blinking. 

Love to big and little boys and at least as much to you,


  1. That's so sweet!!! I told Sadie this morning she better not had grown last night because she needed to stay my baby. She told me no mom I don't want to be a baby I'm a big girl. And I cried a little on the inside.


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