Sunday, August 5, 2012

He's Big

We walk to go get our vegetables from our local produce co-op once a week. Park of the co-op is taking home empty boxes to throw away so on person doesn't have an overfilled garbage bin and this week the giant man-child who used to be my baby wanted to drag his own box home.

He stopped every step or two to adjust and get a better grip on the box and I must have asked him at least a thousand times if he needed any help. Each time he told me "um. No thanks. I'm fine." and each time I giggled and told him to just let me know if he wanted help.

Often Tommy will look at Little John crawling around on the floor, then look up at me and say "Mommy? I hode John pwease?" and I (naturally) oblige.

John loves it for roughly 2 seconds but Tommy would likely do this all day long.

I love it when my boys love each other.

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