Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Read = Success!

July's goal was to read 2 good books. Not trash books to be exact.

At the end of June I was still reading the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Decidedly trash. And a thoroughly enjoyed it.

So I hurried to finish that before my loan from the library expired.

Book 1: trash.

Then the next book I had on hold at the library became available. Hidden Places by Lynn Austin. The thing about reading books you've heard nothing about on your kindle is that you can't judge them by their covers OR by what you've heard about them.

So I dived right in and loved the book. I was enthralled and mostly convinced to live in an apple orchard. But then the crazy neighbor started preaching. And it turned into a Christian novel. Trash. Doesn't count.

So I called my mom. Obviously. Because she is a librarian and solves everybody's book related problems.

I knew I'd be reading Crossing Stones, a gift from my librarian mom. And an amazing book. Beautifully written. I mean BEAUTIFULLY. Go get it. And read it. But first read about how it's written so you can properly appreciate the form. It's short and easy, so if you hate it you won't be out anything. But you won't hate it. Just do it. Go. Now. Hurry.

Then I dove into the Kindle library with my mom's list of other books I really need to read. A Monster Calls was the next available and it did not disappoint. It was a fabulous story which had me in tears for most of our San Diego vacation. It was eye opening and beautiful.

After completing my challenge I was excited to start Heaven Is Here (another gift from my mom) and haven't yet finished it (though I'm loving it) or the next in the Bayern series which I'm currently reading. I also listened a few Dean Hughes books I've already read, with Josh while we drove across the country.

I love to read, but I don't usually feel like I have enough time.

What I learned this month was that I can neglect my children more than we ever realized. And that I don't really need to sleep before midnight (or 1 or 2). And that when I don't cook dinner my day expands by roughly 3 hours. And that I sortof hate doing things that aren't about me on the couch with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn lost in a really great story.

I hope I demand more reading time for me, but the truth is that reading as much as I want to means I'm a much more selfish, dramatic demanding person. I get annoyed by all of the people who interrupt me (my children, my husband, my phone, my eating and driving requirements, my job, you real life).

So I won't likely read so much this month, but I sure would enjoy it if I could without neglecting so many (more important) things.

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