Monday, August 6, 2012

Wasatch Wellness

My sister, Sarah had to do some promotion for a race benefiting Wasatch Wellness so miraculously almost my entire family signed up to run. Miraculous because most of our family gatherings involve sitting around eating delicious (and not healthy) food. I love that Sarah got us all excited about running it.

I also love it when I can get Josh to run with me, and push the boys.

Lookit what fun we are! Don't you want to run a little 5k with us?
Sarah is missing in this picture because she already started her 10k. She's hardcore. Tommy is in this picture because every time we got him anywhere near the stroller he let out a piercing scream that likely woke the dead in China. Embarrassed much? 
I love that Katy ran the 5k (way faster than me) just a month after having a baby.

I love that Tommy only stayed in the stroller because we told him Lucy would be at the end. Thanks goodness it was true.

But I love the most that both of my parents placed in their age division! Because they're awesome like that.


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