Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little John: 9 Months

While he rarely goes by Little John these days, I can't help but love his little-ness.

He eats most solids - and while I'd like to pretend his cousin Lucy's birthday cake & ice cream were excluded from "most" they weren't. The child is a social eater. It doesn't matter if he just ate, he wants what we're having. And he usually gets it.

All that eating might be the reason his toes are just as chunky as they can be. Go ahead and try to tell me you wouldn't kiss those toes every chance you got.

He pulls himself up on every piece of furniture he can find and rarely stays still for longer than 2 seconds when you set him down.

He giggles like nobody's business. He has my mom wrapped around his little finger and she will give the kid horsie rides until her limbs fall off if he'll keep giggling. (and he will)

He is in the vacuum cleaner stage. As in he picks up and eats everything he can find.

John Boy probably doesn't love it, but he has been recruited as Tommy's wrestle-buddy.

But the funniest thing (to me) about John is how social he is. He loves people and he is so SO sad when he gets left behind (often). He hates to go to sleep if nobody else is in the room. At bedtime we typically let John eat his bottle while we finish bathing and dressing Tommy. Then John falls asleep while we read a gazillion stories with Tommy before bed. So the poor boy doesn't know what to do with himself if nobody is in the room while he's getting ready to sleep. His eyes light up when he sees people and the the smile on his face would melt even the ice queen's heart. When you add in the flailing legs and uncontrollable clapping there's not a person on the planet who doesn't fall in love with him immediately.

He charms little old ladies at restaurants and cousins he's never met. He flirts with EVERYBODY he sees at church and makes grown men giggle like school girls. This boy is more charming than anybody else I know.

And I'm glad he's my perma-date.

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