Friday, August 17, 2012

Showing, Seeing, Selling, Renting

And that's why you haven't seen me in however many days.

Because I've been trying to make my house look enormous and beautiful and filled with storage space so that someone will walk through the front doors and refuse to leave without giving me a check for an exorbitant amount of money.

So I packed a buncha boxes to fill up a storage unit.....

the first of the boxes packed. labeled thing like: "clothes we never ever ever wear" and "decorations I don't love" Why not label them all "D. I. ?" I don't know. Because I'm a hoarder.

and then found more things to pack and needed more boxes, so I went to Kaysville to pick them up....

but on the way .....

flashing lights of death and destruction

how I feel about a 50mph speed limit on a major road

So I stuck my foot on the break but only a little and continued onward.

But when I got there, I remembered I have two children and I drive a little mom car which is not box-shaped or box-sized. And because I'm a woman my car is not filled with tie-downs and twine.

So I improvised.....

trunk tied closed with a corded headset. I am woman - hear me roar.

After two days of scrubbing and cleaning and packing and calling in all kinds of favors from the best of friends and letting Tommy be in charge......

benefits of child-rearing: slave labor

popsicles on the top shelf = tommy on the top shelf. duh.

we had a showing with a lovely woman and her son. The son would have given me 100 million dollars for the place right then and there. (Because "mom! lookit! this is where me and Hunter will go swimming when we live here! Remember that one squirt gun? MOM! Look!!!" and "Mom! Look! When I wake up in the morning I can just walk with my eyes closed straight into the bathroom and not run into anything!" and "Mom! Lookit all these weeds! Me and Hunter can build a fort over here!") But he's not the one making all the money, or the decisions. And I suppose that Mom realizes that Proximity To Hunter might not be the first priority when choosing a home. So we're waiting. And waiting. And showing more people next week. And hoping and praying that someone lovely wants to buy our house - stat. Do you know anyone? Send them my way!

In the meantime, at least once a day a neighbor says or does something so nice I cry - the ugly cry. And I tell Josh that we're not moving. Not ever in a million years. And he pets my head and dutifully says "OK" because he's a liar. But I love him anyway. And then we look at places to rent far far away from these lovely people I can't live without.

So I suppose now you know what you've been missing around our house. Lots of ugly cry. Lots of cleaning. Jealous much?


  1. Nope not jealous. Not one bit. I hate moving and packing and all that comes with it... except for the part where you get to come live by me. Oh, there are lots of places to rent in my little town!

  2. Hmmmmmmmm...your house sounds like my house. Only I'm not selling anything. Good luck though (and major bummer you didn't move down my direction sooner)!


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