Friday, June 1, 2012

7 months: J. Dub

Josh graduated from school and is therefore home (and conscious) a lot more lately. So he heard Tommy call John "John B." and asked if I remembered that his name is Johnathan William - no explanation for the B. I explained that B is short for "Boy" and that Tommy can call him pretty much anything he wants because they're best friends.

See? Best Friends.

In retaliation Josh has started calling my baby J. Dub. So.....there's that.

I suppose they sortof like each other too.

John is so close to crawling I want to cry. He hates to lay on his back and has resorted to doing pushups all day long. He gets up on his toes (plank position) and pushes his toes forward propelling his chest nearly a half inch every time. It seems to me to be the least efficient method of movement there is (1 pushup per half inch? I'd be friggin' ripped - why is he still so soft?) but I'm certainly not going to discourage it since it means he still hasn't come anywhere near the stairs.

He sleeps all night, and naps a couple (or few?) times a day depending on what is going on. He's big enough to go in the jogging stroller and as soon as I'm brave enough we'll go for a bike ride. He does not love to be outside like Tommy did though. He will do it, but just because he's being a good sport and not because it's the greatest thing ever.

Boy Wonder loves to eat. All. Day. Long. But has a strange dislike for Avocados. Beyond that he'll eat pretty much anything. (Including his favorite blankets.)

He loves to be on a his tummy and cries when I set him on his back to drink his bottle. Then he flips over and tries to suck the milk out of the bottle while leaning his face on it. Must be frustrating.

He is always getting stuck places and wrapped up in things.

The backward crawling technique doesn't always work out.

There are only a few things I love more than when he tries to keep a straight face so he can drink the bottle, but he can't do it because his brother (and mom) make him so happy he physically HAS to smile making the milk run down his cheeks. 

However much he loves the men in this house, he's still something of a mamma's boy. He misses me when I'm not around (and is very vocal about that) and sortof hates it when I am around but not holding him. He laughs hardest for Tommy, but laughs most often for me. He shows only me his very trickiest tricks (front flip from a belly flopped position anyone?) and simply put loves me the very most. I love him the very most too.


  1. Oh my gosh! My cheeks are killing me!

  2. This was the most adorable post ever. I love your baby...maybe almost as much as I love mine.


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