Monday, October 24, 2011

The Park

My former roommate, Jamie, and her two girls abandoned their daddy/husband to come to visit this week so we have been partying like it's 1999. (Which is actually before we were roommates.....)

Since her children are perfect angels and were sweet and kind and so so good on the plane, they were ready to go to the park almost as soon as they got here.

We (being mean and hungry moms) took them out to dinner first and then headed for the park at sunset.

Cassidy is only 17 months old and significantly braver about slides than Tommy. She went down the steep slide at least 10,000 times giggling and smiling every time. Meanwhile Tommy started to follow her up the 2nd set of stairs just once before he chickened out and went down "Tommy's slide?" because it's his favorite part of the park.

Meanwhile Evie hung around upside down because she's SOO big!

Tommy was thrilled to have friends over because the number of people who wanted to go to the park just before bedtime WAY outnumbered the number of people who wanted to sit on the couch balancing a bowl of cereal on their enormous bellies for once.

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  1. Bia will climb up to that top slide and go backwards down it all by herself already!! It drives me crazy! Gwen can't bring herself to do it still. (She is 4 now) Kids are funny!


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