Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Pregnancy is full of all kinds of new measurements.

They measure my life in weeks and days instead of months and years.
They measure my weight all the live long day.
They measure my stomach from bottom to top.
They measure my blood pressure & Little John's heart rate.
And now they've started measuring my cervix.

Lately Tommy is also into measuring things.

He likes to count how many grapes he's eating or how many cars he's racing or how many stairs he's descending.

He loves to stand on the bathroom scale and make the same surprised and shocked face I do. "27 pounds?! Holy smokes you're gettin' HEAVY!!!!!" I say to him with my eyes wide open. (He's been 27 pounds for a few months now.....maybe my bathroom scale isn't so smart.)
"Pounds?!" he says while dropping his jaw and opening his eyes wide. "smoke heeaaav-vy!"

But today he found a measuring tape. He pulls it out and pushes the yellow button to suck it back in giggling all the while. Pulls it out and pushes the button. Pulls and pushes. Pulls and pushes.

I tried to put it away for naptime in exchange for a story (or 10) and a lovey bear. He wanted nothing but the measuring tape. So we skipped stories and he crawled between the covers to cuddle up with his measuring tape quietly whispering "ni-night" to it and patting it gently next to his face as I left the room.


  1. Miriam took two cars to bed.

    And yesterday, my father-in-law returned from visiting a friend at the hospital and bragged, "I just held a baby who wasn't even 24 years old yet!"

    "I do that every day," I said.

    "Hours, not years," he corrected.

    It was pretty funny.

    I'm getting excited to meet little John!

  2. LOL. Miles loves measuring things too. It cracks me up when they take random (hard) objects to bed to snuggle with. Miles took a pointy rocket ship to bed with him yesterday. Go figure. Hang in there through the last of pregnancy. :)

  3. It is those things that make motherhood worth while.


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