Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tom. Tom! That's a match!

Tommy was named after Josh's step dad. Frank Thomas Reilley. There aren't words for how much Josh loves and respects that man.

Someday we hope Tommy understands what it means that he shares his name with his Grandpa.

But until then, he's learning of lots of other people who are a name match.

Primarily our prophet. We flip through the Ensign and he points to President Monson and we tell him
"That's Thomas S. Monson"
and he says "Thomas?"
and we say "Thomas."
and he points to the picture and says "Thomas?" and then points to himself and says "Thomas." and we all say "a match!"

It's sortof adorable.

This week at storytime we had special guests from the fire station. They brought their uniforms and their truck and they told us all about (all together class...) "fire safety!!!!!"

Tommy was appropriately terrified of them. Especially the guy in the full fire suit. He was scary. But then we all went outside to look at the truck. Tommy was fascinated.

Until they started explaining things, and then he was bored and just wanted to rip up the fallen leaves while the other kids stood around paying attention.

After the lecture, they let him sit on the fire truck. He even let Fireman Tom sit by him and said "Tom? Tom. A match!" and they shared a high-five.

We really love firefighters. 
And storytime. 
And "Tom? Tom! A match!"s. 

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  1. That's the cutest thing ever—and it will probably never die. We have a Tommy in our primary class, who just turned 10. He still gets excited every time we mention President Monson. Seriously—a match! :)


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