Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Night

You might read this and think I'm a horrible person - or at the very least a recluse - but it's not true. Well, it might be true. But it's not the point.

Sunday evenings are mine and mine alone.

Josh has a regular meeting to attend, and since Tommy doesn't nap he is always in bed by 7:30. This leaves me over an hour with an empty, quiet house and nothing to do. It's far too early for bed (even for my ultra-pregnant self) and I have a strict "no working, no hard cleaning, no heavy lifting" policy on Sundays.

So Sunday evenings have become mine to do with whatever I'd like.

Sometimes I'm catching up on church stuff. Sometimes I'm doing dishes. Sometimes I'm blogging or responding to e-mails, but most often I spend my Sunday evenings sitting on the couch watching Extreme Makeover and surfing Pinterest or working on quiet projects for Tommy.

I don't talk to anybody, I don't interact with real humans, I don't do anything productive or helpful to anybody but myself. But the best part is that I am not responsible to anybody the whole time. Nobody's watching me waste time, nobody knows I'm completely useless, nobody asks what I did. For 1.5 hours every week I sit around being 100% selfish and zoned out.

I'm positive there are people reading this who haven't had 1.5 hours to themselves combined in the past 20 years and can't imagine what they'd do with so much free time. Right? You're out there right?
I'm equally confident that there are people reading this who can't believe I only do this once a week because they do it every night - or multiple times every day. Oprah? Are you out there? OK maybe I don't know anybody who does it in real life.... 

I interrupt this blogging for a commercial update: I just saw a commercial for insurance saying that if it were like shopping for diapers all insurances would cost about the same amount. Am I the only one who thinks there is a HUGE range of diaper prices? Maybe I just like to think that because I buy the cheapest ones I've ever found and I refuse to think that it's only a difference of all diapers cost about the same? Now back to the blog.

I think this might be the thing I'll miss the most when Little John arrives. I have a feeling I'll lose my quiet Sunday evenings alone and that is something tragic.

Because I really really love not answering to anybody for a little while.

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