Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wedding Day

Saturday was a completely beautiful day for a wedding.

Sun shining. Blue skies. Perfect temperature (for a pregnant lady). Chelsea couldn't have ordered anything more stunning. Not that she would have cared anyway - because she was getting married and had better things to care about. But for those of us attending it was nice to have such beautiful weather. 

It was a long and crazy and exhausting day, and all we did was attend the festivities. I think that the reason people should get married before they have babies is that getting ready for your own wedding (a 4 hour process) would be simply impossible with kids.

My mom came up to watch the kids while we went to the ceremony, and when I called to check on her I got the stats.
"We've eaten 10,000 pounds of pretzels and 27 marshmallows. Built 18 million towers. And knocked overall but one - oh wait - all 18 million. We've been stuck on the same frozen frame of Alice in Wonderland for at least 37 minutes but nobody seems to care because we've emptied the entire toybox and I'm confident we've found things you didn't even know you had." She reported.

I laughed. Because it was 100% true and had happened on an hourly basis for the past 2 days so I was confident she wasn't exaggerating even a little.

Meanwhile Jamie and I were congratulating Chelsea on her beautiful day and enjoying the relative peace & quiet.

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