Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sister Wives

When Jamie was here I suddenly understood the whole sister wives thing. Normally the idea of living with other women who think they're the boss of the house makes me cringe, but having Jamie here with an extra set of hands, good ideas, magic kisses, and fun things to do made it seem like a good idea.

She chased my kid at the park while I sat around being pregnant.
I read her girls stories while she showered.
She made lunch.
I cleaned it up. Except when she cleaned it up.
We took turns switching the movies from Batman (Evie's choice) to WoodyBuzz (Tommy's choice) every 20 minutes or so.
When I had a bunch of work to catch up on, she distracted Tommy from wanting to sit on my lap and take over the computer so I could get it done in record time. A task Josh simply isn't capable of.
It was a thing of beauty.

So while the idea of sharing my husband makes me want to cry, the idea of living with another family and having another mom around all the time is something I could definitely get used to.


  1. I feel the same way! I saw the first episode of that show and I think I remember it kinda being divided up where one mom did mostly kid stuff, one mom did mostly cooking stuff and one mom did mostly cleaning stuff (not completely but kinda) and I had a long conversation that night about how great it would be...all except for the husband rotating rooms. Ew. So yeah...I agree haha!

  2. What a life that could be. I also agree with all but the room swap. Lol!
    You may have to re follow my blogs. I changed URL address. Not sure?


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