Monday, October 10, 2011

Now That He's 2

Yesterday Tommy turned 2.

And suddenly he was bestowed with knowledge and grown-up-ness from somewhere else.

We were lining up grapes on the counter for him to eat, and he counted them with me - all the way to 10.
hugs & kisses all around.

And suddenly there he was, counting to ten and being a grown up. Standing at the sink brushing his teeth and doing all the actions to popcorn popping without any help at all.

Did anybody else's heart just break (or maybe melt?) a tiny little bit?


  1. Oh, my heart is breaking with yours! For sure.

    Also, Tommy sounds a little German when he counts.

    Also, your bathroom stool is awesome. When Miriam stands on ours her forehead barely reaches the counter. Maybe she's just short...

  2. The stool is also his potty! I love it - and for $10 at Walmart I didn't even feel bad paying for it. :D

    Oh I hope Tommy grows up with a German accent. That's not too much to hope for, is it? :)

  3. OH Amy, I cant hardly belive hes two! Seems like yesterday I started following you and your sweet child...that sounds staulkish...No, I'm not that type of person, I swear! Your jouney and battle has been in my heart ever since I first read Tommy's story. I want to thank you for always posting and keeping the faith. You are an inspiration to thousands...God bless!

  4. So sweet and adorable! I love watching them grow up but it is heart breaking too! What a cutie!

  5. Is it the season or what? Cause mine grew up yesterday all at once too. :(


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