Sunday, October 16, 2011

On This Day in 2011

Sometimes a day is just so perfect that you have to write it down so that later you can prove to yourself that sometimes your life really is everything you ever wanted. Today was that day for me.

This morning was crazy and busy and full just like every other Sunday. But having a good friend come and play with Tommy for an hour while Josh and I were both unavailable somehow set the perfect mood for the rest of the day. Tommy was happy and entertained and properly cared for - which is, unfortunately, unusual for a Sunday morning.

Josh made muffins for breakfast which means my house smelled like a Sunday morning clear until noon.

When Josh finished his work and meetings surprisingly early, Tommy was ready for church surprisingly early, and so was I, and the putrid heat of summer has finally given way to fall, which is why we all walked to church. Quietly, calmly, happily. Throwing rocks and picking up sticks all along the way.

Since Tommy had been "playing outside" for the 25 minutes immediately prior to church he sat mostly reverently during the meeting. It's all fun and games until someone smacks their mouth on the back of the pew and starts screaming bloody murder and bleeding all over his mom.

After excellent meetings we meandered toward home talking laughing and "I see you"ing Tommy. We figured out what to make for dinner and immediately started cooking (and eating) when we got home.

Somehow dinner was made, eaten & cleaned up faster than expected and we had extra time to play games (all 3 of us) before bedtime. Every played games with a 2-year-old? Do it. I doubledogdare you.

There are days on which I'm positive that there is no such thing as the perfect day. Or even the perfect hour. Because life just doesn't seem to go that way as a general rule. But today has proven me wrong. Again.

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