Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Waddle

You know when you see a very pregnant lady waddling around and you feel like you should tell her that she's walking funny because surely if she knew she'd move her legs like a normal person and look significantly cuter as she walks?

Well you're wrong.

She knows she waddles.

She can feel herself swaying side-to-side, and as she does so, she realizes that she looks like a cross between a penguin and an elephant (because her 2-year-old told her so) and although she is probably physically capable of moving her legs like a normal person so she looks cuter, it simply isn't worth the pain and the effort.

Because here's the thing about carrying a child. It makes you sore.
Everything hurts.
And moving everything hurts even more. And leaning back and swaying side-to-side is simply easier because .... I don't really know why, something about Physics, but Sid the Science Kid hasn't covered it yet so I don't really know how to explain it.

So listen.

Don't feel obligated to tell the pregnant lady that the way she walks is unnatural, OK? She already knows.

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