Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Temple Square

After Thanksgiving Point we got lunch and the kids were wired, so we took them to Temple Square to run around and explore.

Tommy would follow Evie anywhere

If only he could keep up with her. Which makes for some awesome photo-bombing on his part.

It was amazing how happy all 3 kids were given the lack of sleep and utter exhaustion they must have felt. But it would have been equally amazing if they hadn't had a good time considering all the fun things we did in one day.

Evie was so excited to be at the temple and to touch the temple and to see anybody get married. She was thrilled to run around and touch the water and her excitement rubbed off on all of us. Temple Square is a magical place that Tommy & I simply don't visit often enough. We'll definitely take advantage of living so close more often.

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