Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Point FarmLand

Did you know that it was UEA was this weekend? Meaning that nobody was in school on Friday? I know because they were all at Thanksgiving Point Farmland waiting in line to get their faces painted and to ride the ponies.

Of course the 3 kids with us were the cutest ones in the whole line.

Fortunately Tommy as not scared of horses when Grandma is there to protect him.

Tommy loves October because of all the pumpkins. All of them. The neighbors have pumpkins, the front porch has a pumpkin, the Farmland has pumpkins.

I only got Tommy away from the pumpkins by bribing him with chickens. But he didn't realize that when I said "let's go see the chickens" I didn't mean "pick up rocks and feed them to the chickens". He thought they'd really love that - but it turns out they really don't love that and you can tell by the way they peck the fingers that feed them (rocks).

Even though it was well past naptime when we left, all of the kids were incredibly happy.

They even stood by us and the cows for a picture.

I love it when an outing goes smoothly and everybody has fun. It was a perfectly beautiful fall day and I'm so glad we took advantage of it!

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