Thursday, October 6, 2011

Par-ty! Par-ty!

When I can't think of anything good to do I usually do nothing. Which isn't good. But at least I didn't waste energy on something not good. Right? That's my theory.

That was the case with Tommy's birthday this year. I couldn't think of anything good to do. I tried though.

I thought maybe we'd do a dinosaur party, until  I remembered that having a dinosaur party means a whole lot of decoration and not much of anything else. This does not match my skill-set.

Then I had a revelation when Tommy wouldn't stop begging for "happies!!!!" We'd have a smiley face/happy party. I could make cake pops and make them look like happies and Tommy would be overjoyed! But then I remembered that I hate what smiley faces look like and everything else about the party would be lame.

Then we went camping and I thought "a rock throwing party!!! That would be AWESOME!" and Josh even brought up the good idea of using a blue tablecloth as a river and kids could throw rocks in it. I could do a dirt cake and we could have rock candy. I could put something on the invitation about having a "rockin' good time" or something equally awesome. But then I couldn't think of any good games for kids of all ages. And since it's a family party, we have kids from 2-18 years old. We needed games.

So I gave up and started daydreaming of presents I'd buy for him instead. That was more fun.

Until I went to playgroup, and the other moms reminded me that we could have the theme of the birthday party be "it's your birthday" and we could have cake and ice cream and maybe a balloon or two and call it good. Then I got on the party-planning wagon again convinced that even if there wasn't a theme or decorations or games it would still be a party because hey - free birthday!

Until I talked to my sister who is a party-planner extraordinaire. When she suggested a ball party I started making lists.

Lists of ball shaped food.
Lists of games that include balls.
Lists of pictures where Tommy is holding a ball.
Lists of places to buy more balls for more games that include balls.
Lists of people who will think it's adorable when Tommy says "ball! ball! ball!" and runs around like a crazy-person.

When I realized that I had a list of lists, I knew this was the party for me.
When I took Tommy down the ball aisle at the dollar store I knew this was the party for him.
When Josh suggested using the gym for the big ball extravaganza of birthday-hood and joyfulness, I knew we'd all be happy since I wouldn't have to clean my house.

And that is why this weekend will (hopefully) be his happiest so far.

Wish us luck!


  1. i KNEW it had to be you guys who "stole" the club house today!!!!! thanks a lot for making it so i had to clean-up my house. you're lucky you're pregnant... ;) can't wait to see pictures??

  2. That party was a HUGE success! We loved and loved and loved it. You're awesome, can't believe many ball shaped foods you bought/made. and the games were SO MUCH FUN. Thanks for inviting us!


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